Pedagogical tools - Escape Rooms

Pedagogical tools - Escape Rooms

The development of the GeoVT Escape Room game is based on the concept of Escape Rooms. Specifically, it consists of three or five missions (depending on the game) to be completed. To complete each mission, students must work together to answer the questions provided.

If you answer one question wrong, you fail and try again! If you answer all questions correctly, you discover a digit. Put all the digits together, and you have a secret code! Use this code to open the final chest and win the game!

The content of the three or five missions for the GeoVT Escape Room Game is based on the educational material that has been developed for GeoVT. The Escape Room concept prtovides supportive educational material in quiz form that is interactive and fun for the students to play and learn at the same time.

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