Training new generations on geomorphology, geohazards and geoheritage through Virtual Reality Technologies

GeoVT aims to become a powerful educational tool for distance learning in CIVIS (European Civic University Alliance- alliances but also in European Universities at the topics of Geomorphology, Geohazards and Geoheritage, and open innovative ways of learning. A novel approach with virtual reality for teaching will fundamentally change the traditional way of teaching procedures. Teaching will combine theory, practice and activities that will promote creative learning and active participation, including online training schools with reference to specific case studies, such as coastal geomorphology, submersion in relationship to sea-level rise, fluvial processes, surface runoff etc. versus land use management, mass movements, geoheritage,geohazards etc..



aims to give all students the opportunity to get to know various geomorphological sites which are inaccessible or unavailable in their country or require a time and money consuming visit. At the same time, GeoVT, through the outputs of the project and the study cases that will be developed, will act as a place for interaction and global concern, as a conduit for dialogue adapted to the rapid developments of societies...





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