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Theofanis Alexandridis & SIA EE (OMEGATECH)


THEOFANIS ALEXANDRIDIS KAI SIA EE Founded in 1985, Omega Technology is an experienced and well known IT provider company in Greece. The Company serves Greek public bodies, enterprises and other organizations with technology and services made possible by its 28 years of experience. Its solutions include e-learning, virtual reality applications, assisted living solutions, tailor-made applications for people with disabilities, as well as e-commerce applications, document and knowledge management systems. The company is also offering a broad range of management and services including consulting, research and development, digitization, annotation and preservation of content, hardware supply and technical support. The company’s research department is active in the R&D arena, in close cooperation with Academia and Research Institutes, running several R&D projects and market validation projects.


Persons involved


Theofanis Alexandridis
Theofanis Alexandridis holds a Diploma on Electrical & Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens. He is the head of the Software Department of Omega Technology and the person in charge for more than 25 EU and National projects (Ten - Telecom, Adapt, Pave, Interreg, Leonardo). As the head of the R&D Department of Omega Technology, his current research interests include information systems development, relational databases, web services and distributed systems.

Papastamatiou Nikos
Nikolaos Papastamatiou graduated from Aegean University, Samos in 1998 with a Bachelor’s degree on Mathematics. He then received a Master’s degree in Distributed and Multimedia Information Systems from Heriot-Watt University, Scotland in 1999. He is experienced on web technologies (XML Web services, GRID computing, etc) and he has participated in many European and National research projects. His research interests are in the fields of Web Development, Virtual Reality, Web Services, Grid Computing, ontologies, semantic web, Natural Language Processing and Multimedia Applications.

Giannetsos Apostolos
Giannetsos Apostolos studied at Computer Engineering & Informatics Department at University of Patras. Experienced mainly in Microsoft based Web technologies, like ASP.NET MVC, WebApi and .NET Core. Also experienced in Database development using Entity framework, Sql server and Linq although never afraid to try new development techniques or frameworks. Finally an avid cyclist.


Tsoukaladakis Dimitrios
Tsoukaladakis Dimitrios studied Multimedia Programming at Institute of Professional Training, Department. Experienced mainly in audio, video and photo editing. Also experienced in creating Virtual Tours and Photogrammetry.



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