Virtual field trips

Do you want to travel all around the world to see various geomorphological environments, but you don’t have the money or the time? Don’t be disappointed, as we have the solution for you! All you need to do is join us through the GeoVT project! We have created many virtual field trips, which you can enjoy using virtual reality goggles. The experience is amazing, as if you are actually there!

You can see many geomorphological environments: fluvial, coastal, karstic, glacial, and mountainous! Plus, you will get to see many countries, such as France, Greece, Italy, and Sweden! And, perhaps most importantly, you won't spend a dime! Just join us!

You can also see all virtual field trips without the goggles. Not as spectacular, but still educational! You can try these excursions at your own pace!

You may see an example here but for access to all, join the platform.

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